Yamaha CSF Series Parlor Guitars - New for 2020

Available in two tiers, four finishes, and as a TransAcoustic version with built-in effects, CSF series guitars can be a perfect fit for any playing style, musical aesthetic, or space.


Yamaha CSF Series Parlor Guitars

Featuring solid Sitka spruce tops, mahogany backs and sides, and an innovative scalloped bracing design, compact CSF series guitars deliver a surprisingly full and rich sound for their size—whether at home, on the road, in the studio, or on stage.

CSF series guitars can be inspiring alternatives to full-size dreadnought guitars when recording, providing a full, rich, and resonant sound that can stand alone even on recordings where the acoustic guitar is prominently featured.

CSF guitars feature passive undersaddle pickups that utilize the same sensor found in Yamaha L-Series acoustic-electrics—enabling players to easily plug into an amplifier or PA system when performing live.

With their compact size and included deluxe gig bags, CSF series guitars make ideal travel companions.

Compact body, full-size sound:
Despite their compact size, which some guitarists find more comfortable to play than larger instruments, CSF series guitars feature an all-new design that increases bass response and overall loudness, resulting in a surprisingly full, rich, and vibrant sound.

The secret to great resonance:
CSF series guitars utilize newly-designed scalloped bracing that delivers rich, full-bodied resonance comparable to that of a full-size guitar. Additionally, the use of a forward-shifted construction maintains the strength of the body while maximizing the resonance of the guitar top.

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