GUITAR PASS - Online Guitar Lessons from Music Villa

We're happy to announce the launch of Music Villa's new $10/month online guitar lesson program –

Sign up today for unlimited online guitar lessons with Blaise and choose from 2 Guitar Pass options… the ANNUAL PASS ($99 for 12 months) or the ALL ACCESS PASS ($10/month). Find your best option HERE

For the past several months, Blaise and the crew have been building an online guitar lesson program, and IT'S LIVE!!! For only $10/month you’ll have access to hundreds of videos, several in-depth courses, and endless guitar tricks & techniques - designed for all ages and skill levels. It's easy & affordable!! LEARN MORE

Get full access to ALL the videos & courses for only $10/month!! 

QUESTIONS?? Learn more at or call us at (406) 587-4761

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