Vintage, Rare and Custom Guitars, Music Villa's Guitar Vault is Open!

The Best Guitar Showroom in the World? We Think So...

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Since our inception in the late '70s, Music Villa quickly established a reputation as the go-to spot for friendly knowledgable staff and always having the best gear available.

A lot has changed since the '70s but one thing is still true, Music Villa's commitment to players and collectors alike.

With a recent store remodel and a website refresh under our belt, earlier this year,  the focus turned to Paul Decker's (Music Villa's owner) dream, a room full of vintage, custom and rare guitars that would wow any guitar lover.

After months of planning, design, and construction, we are excited to announce the Villa Vault.  

The "Villa Vault" features some of the World's most sought-after, collectible, and vintage model acoustic & electric guitars. From super rare one-of-a-kind art guitars to limited edition small-runs to classic vintage era guitars, Music Villa's Vault is a collection of guitars that looks more like a museum than a showroom.

These guitars are all available for purchase and are on display at Music Villa.

Some Spotlight Pieces

The Villa Vault is already packed full of vintage, custom and rare guitars. Here are a few pieces that were on display during the Vault's opening. 


This limited-edition 60th Anniversary model celebrates the iconic 1960 Les Paul Standard, which has shaped music across genres for six decades. The artisans at Gibson Custom Shop have proudly recreated the experience of owning a priceless original thanks to the painstaking attention to detail and tireless study of vintage examples, closely following the three distinct versions seen within 1960. Those made in the first third of the year (V1) had the same specs as 1959 models, while the middle third (V2) had thinner neck profiles, different knobs, and brighter colors. The final third (V3) featured even thinner neck profiles. Each version is available within this historic limited run of instruments, inspiring players in different ways. Included is a 60th Anniversary switch plate, a commemorative Certificate of Authenticity booklet, and a vintage replica hardshell case.


With only 100 ever made this recreation of the This 00-45S 1902 model was built in 2003 to precisely the specs of one of the four 45-style prototypes built in 1902 (the 45 didn’t come onto the scene until 1904). This beautiful 00 features Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, Adirondack Spruce top with the Abalone trim and appointments we’ve all come to expect from a 45-style Martin. This particular example, number 5 of 100, is in unplayed condition and came to us from a private collection. Also includes a re-creation of the Martin "coffin" hardshell which was the typical hardshell case you would get with a new Martin in the 1900s.



Designed by Roger Rossmeisl who came onto Fender after the CBS buyout, the Coronado series was Fender's first attempt to get into the hollow body market dominated by Gibson, Gretsch, and other makers. The Coronado was available in a few different configurations, and the Coronado II included two single-coil pickups built by DeArmond and block inlays on a bound neck. 

The limited-run Wildwood options involved specially prepared, heavily grained beechwood; a dye was injected into the growing trees, years prior to harvesting, which stained the grain pattern of the wood.

Thank You!

We also wanted to say a special Thank You to the folks involved with making the Vault a reality.

Framing/General: Ben & Carter at ReWorks
Metal Benches: Russ Fry at Fry Furniture
Custom Finish work: Issak from idDesign
Electrical: Dan at Meyer Electric
Lighting: Bill at Distinctive Lighting
Flooring: Josh & Ian Ramsey Hardwood Floors
Welding/Metal work: Whitney at Deano Designs
Leather work: Brian at St. John Supply
Wall Paper: Gary Delin
Painting: Cliff Silber
Kaufman Garage Doors
Carpet: Mike Barboa
Glass Door: Dan from RainScreen Glazing Inc
Photos: Ryan Saul Creative


More Guitars From the Vault

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