Tone Upgrade! 5 Pedals For Better Tone, Under $200

Guitar Pedal Tone Upgrade for $200 or Less



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The search for the right tone is a never-ending journey fo more guitar players. Whether you like to just try out new pedals or if you are needing some inspiration, here are five pedals you should check out to upgrade your tone!

Friedman Gold 72 Wah Pedal

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The Friedman No More Tears Gold-72 Wah delivers the classic wah tones you crave with the ability to fine-tune the pedal’s feel and character tone. The first thing you’ll notice when stomping down on the Gold-72 Wah is the convenient LED, which is perfectly placed to let you know when it is engaged. Another player-friendly feature is the inconspicuous 3-way sweep switch hidden under the pedal’s treadle. With a simple flip of the toggle, you’re able to find the sweep that feels ideal for your style. Tone isn’t the only feature that is adjustable. The Gold-72 has a convenient and easily accessible Allen screw adjustment under the heel of the pedal that allows the tension of the footboard to be dialed in to each players taste. Add in switchable buffered or true bypass operation, and the Friedman No More Tears Gold-72 Wah pedal just might send those other babies away crying.

Vintage-voiced Wah Tones
At the heart of the Friedman, Gold-72 Wah is a classic-sounding, almost vocal effect, that will bring you back to the great rock and funk tones through the decades that we’ve grown to love. Whether wailing through two humbuckers and a full stack, bringing the clean rhythmic sweeps of the ‘70s, or finding a unique voice all your own, you’ll find the Gold-72 Wah feeling right at home on your board.
● Classic voice that works equally well with clean and driven tones
● Familiar form factor that feels great under your foot
● Great with single-coil and humbucker-loaded guitars

Customizable Performance
Where the Gold-72 Wah really stands apart from the pack is its ability to conform to your preferences. Want a wider sweep? Hit the 3-way Sweep Switch. Want a tighter feel? Give the Allen screw tension adjustment a quick turn. And the internal buffered/true bypass switch means your wah will sound great wherever you place it in the chain.

J Rocket Archer  

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The Archer is sort of a 2 in one pedal. It can be used as just a clean boost by turning the gain all the way down. As you introduce gain it will attenuate the clean signal but there is a magical blend in between that you will find. Please experiment!!

Caroline Guitar Company Kilobyte Lo-Fi Delay

Kilobyte Lo-Fi Delay

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A delay worth dancing with. It keeps the original dry signal path analog and pure and adds a +21db boost/overdrive preamp smashing a low fidelity digital delay chip designed for karaoke machines and kids’ toys. The result: smeared, repeated glory.

This pedal is VERY capable of fun runaway oscillations, both by turning up the summation knob, or a controlled, high-pass filtered oscillation from the Havoc momentary foot switch.

If you’ve ever struggled to make your delays come through prominently in the mix, or lost definition from your original signal, the attack and level controls can allow you to dial up everything from crisp, clean slapbacks to dirty, muted echoes and loud, powerful repeats.

600 ms of delay with a beautiful, subtle modulation circuit courtesy Jack DeVille (Mr. Black Pedals).

JHS PG-14 Paul Gilbert Signature Overdrive Pedal

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JHS Pedals is proud to release the Paul Gilbert signature overdrive / distortion "PG-14!” This is a new and unique pedal specifically designed to Paul's specifications. At the heart of the circuit is a FET based distortion engine that emulates the touch, feel, and the response of a pushed tube amplifier.

This circuitry allows the player to have the dynamics and tone of loud stadium level amplifier at low/moderate volume levels.

A second unique and essential feature of the design is that an active mid-frequency preamp is located at the front of the FET distortion circuitry.  This design feature gives the user a vast sweep of tonal possibilities with any amp or guitar combination.

The PG-14 is an end-all pedal for adding the ultimate dirt channel to your amplifier.

TC Electronic Ditto Looper

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OK, while not technically a tone changing pedal, everyone should have a looper for practice or songwriting, and it's price the Ditto is a great value!

DITTO LOOPER is the looper you will try once and love for life – and you’ve gotta try it. TC has built onto all that is good about the best loopers, trimmed all the nonessential, mood-killing tech hoopla, and designed a 5-minute looper that is intuitive, tons of fun, sounds great – and won’t break the bank!

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