The New Taylor Grand Theater Guitars

The NEW GT (Grand Theater) Sized Guitars From Taylor

Since the introduction of the Taylor GS mini, it has been one of Taylors best selling guitars. But many players have asked us for a guitar slightly bigger and possibly a "nicer" version. Nicer normally meaning USA made and with some more catchy ascetics. 

Well for those of you who love the idea of a smaller guitar, but want more than a GS Mini has to offer, you will be happy to make the acquaintance of Taylors newest guitar body size, the Grand Theater (GT).

The GT body size is bigger than a GS Mini but smaller than a Grand Concert. The body shape is the same as a Grand Orchestra just shrunk down. 

Sustainable & USA Made

The New Taylor GT line of guitars is made in Taylors El Cajon, CA factory along with their other high end guitars. Unique to the GT is the sustainable woods that it is made of. 

The back and sides of the GT are made of Urban Ash from trees grown in Southern California. The top is solid Spruce and has a very nice rolled edge from playing comfort. Finally, the fretboard and bridge is made out of Eucalyptus. While Eucalyptus is not a common wood for fretboards, is feels great, looks good and is a sustainable choice. 

The GT comes in two different models, the Gt and GTe, with the difference being the GTe includes the Taylors famous expression electronics to make this guitar great for live performances. 

This new body shape will be the foundation for more things to come and will offer a small compact guitar with a full tone, tons of bass response, but still have the fun aspect that comes with a GS Mini. 

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