The Fender Noventa Series Guitars | 1 Minute Rundown


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Recently introduced from Fender the Noventa series of guitars offers a unique spin on 3 traditional Fender models. The Stratocaster, Telecaster, and Jazzmaster all received the Noventa treatment. 

The word Noventa translates into English as ninety, and that's exactly why this series received the name. Each of the guitars is outfitted exclusively with Fender p-90 pickups. The Telecaster has an Esquire vibe with a single P-90 in the bridge, while the Stratocaster comes equipped with two P-90 pickups and the Jazzmaster three of them. 

All three models offer maple necks with either Maple or Pau Ferro fretboards (depending on color) in a modern C-shape as well as Alder bodies. 

The Noventa series guitars are bringing something different to traditional guitars that we think most guitarists are going to love. 

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