Quinton & Paul Answer Acoustic Letter YouTube Questions!

We hear your questions… today, Paul & Quinton (from the Acoustic Letter) sit down to answer 9 of our most commonly asked questions from our YouTube videos including…
  1. Where's Tony? (and his gear list)? 0:48
  2. What does Quinton do for a living? 3:05
  3. Paul owns Music Villa? What's the story? 5:52
  4. Quinton, what bands are you in? 6:55
  5. What happened to Quinton's Quick Licks? 10:13
  6. Are domestic or overseas guitars better? 11:01
  7. What strings are used in demos? 12:01
  8. Quinton, will you give me Skype lessons? 12:33
  9. Any last thoughts? 13:54
    Let us know if you have more questions and we'll do our best to answer them in our sit down session. Thanks for watching!

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