New Taylor Guitars Updates For 2020

During the 2020 winter NAMM show in Anaheim California, Taylor announced multiple updates on some of their most popular acoustic guitars. Everything from the top of the range Builders Editions to the GS Mini got an update, and we wanted to share some of our favorite changes for 2020. 

The New Taylor Sound Port

One of the first things you will notice on the 2020 K26ce & 816ce Builder's Editions guitar is a uniquely shaped partial cutaway with Taylor's new Sound Port. While there have been multiple guitars in the past placing a second soundhole on the bass side of the guitar, with the idea that the player would be able to hear the guitar more effectively, Taylor has taken a new view on a second soundhole. 

"A partial cutaway houses an innovative off-axis soundport. Together with V-Class bracing, the soundport's unique acoustic dispersion pattern creates a more immersive, surround-sound musical experience."

The soundport was definitely the talk of the Taylor booth, and we are excited to hear how people use the soundport for creative mic placements for recording. 

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Updates to the Taylor 618e & 818e Guitars

The 18 series of guitars from Taylor is their Grand Orchestra shaped acoustics. These powerhouse guitars are favored among those looking for a big booming sound. 

The new 818 is styled with Missionary inlays, Sitka top, and rosewood back & sides, and the new 618 has the same Missionary inlays, Sitka top, and maple back & sides.

Taylor GS Mini-e Plus Guitar Updates

The Taylor GS Mini is a constant favorite among our customers and the staff around Music Villa. Small enough to travel with, yet still producing a room-filling sound that is hard to believe comes from such a small-bodied guitar. These great little guitars are perfect for living room jams, traveling or a camping trip.

Well, Taylor has taken the GS-Mini and given it some big updates for 2020. To start off the GS Mini-e Plus guitars will now ship with an Expression 2 pickup system, this is the same pickup system used in Taylors most expensive guitars, and promises to make the GS Mini-e Plus even more effective in live situations. 

In addition to a pickup upgrade, the GS Mini-e Plus guitars will now ship in a new Aerocase, a mix between a gig bag and a hardshell case, for an extra layer of protection while you travel. 

The Bottom Line

Over the past few years, Taylor Guitars has not been afraid of the word innovation. Nothing proves that more than their new V-class bracing system released in 2019. For 2020 Taylor is taking another step forward with their innovative Soundport. That paired with the welcomed updates to many favorites makes the new Taylor lineup look better than ever. 

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  • Willi Menacher

    Deal Music Villa Team,
    i am Willi from Bavaria.
    My question is :
    Where is the Taylor GS Mini-e Koa Plus from Namm 2020 Build ?
    In the USA or in México ?
    Trank you very much for the answere !

    Willi from Bavaria / Germany

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