Living Loving Maid Riff - FREE Guitar Lesson!

Free Guitar Lesson #5: Today Blaise shows us a classic riff from the Led Zeppelin song, 'Living Loving Maid,' recorded in 1969 from the album "Led Zeppelin II." It's a great lick for any level guitar player looking to add a little spice to their playing! Hope you enjoy!

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  • Jmac

    Like what you guys do and have been thru the store yrs ago.Like 3 yrs ago.About a thousand miles from my Canadian home.It was worth the trip. How about this one……Keeping in a rock theme showing us all the proper tuning and cording for the Wizard by you Uriah Heep. I love the song and play it when i am giging out but maybe other people would like to learn it.Maybe i,m doing it wrong …..just an idea i love this stove you put up here.I think it is great for new players or even old guys like me who have forgotten things.I,m

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