Kevin Kopp Factory Tour & Peek at Upcoming Models!

Kopp Guitars Factory Tour

Quinton and Paul take a tour of Kevin Kopp's Guitar Factory in Bozeman, MT and check out 2 models that should be ready soon, and pick woods for 2 future models. Call us for details on these guitars!

The 2 models shown in the video (that should arrive very soon) were a Nick Lucus 14-fret and a Trail Boss. Both promise to be spectacular guitars. Please call us if interested as these guitars will be in high demand!

Paul also picked woods for a couple models to arrive around December 2020 including a very unique set of curly spalted mango and some Madagascar Rosewood with some wild grain patterns! Also let us know if you might be interested in these future models.

More about Kevin Kopp:

Moving to Bozeman, Montana in 1992 to work for Gibson, Kevin’s talents quickly moved him into the Custom Shop, where he was able to hone his skills working with luthiers such as John Walker, and master luthier Ren Ferguson. Together, they created many one-of-a-kind, customized high end Gibson guitars, or “Ginches” as they came to be called.

After ten years of working in the Custom Shop, Kevin felt it was time to move on and explore the world of self-employment in addition to expanding his repair shop at home and his skills. He became an authorized repairman for all of the “Biggies”, but his business started evolving into repairs & restoration of high-end vintage instruments belonging to customers all over the North American continent and Japan.

Seeing dozens of vintage instruments literally from the inside out, Kevin started melding some of his own ideas and experiences with the tried and true construction techniques that he saw in the guitars, banjos and mandolins he was repairing. Starting his own line of high end guitars was the natural outcome, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Players instantly hear the rich tone and response in every one of Kevin’s guitars. Internationally known guitar artist Leo Kottke owns and regularly plays two Kopp guitars.

Some of Our Favorite Kopp Guitars

Kopp K-35

The Kopp K-35 is another incredibly popular guitar with working players and weekend pickers alike.

“I like the expression “dry, explosive and woody” because that how players have articulated how they feel about the K-35”. It’s their way of expressing to me that they are getting a “Vintage” and useable type tone from the guitar.

“People have told me they love the fact that the K-35 does so many things so well, that they can cover a lot of ground with one guitar”!

“If you are doing bluegrass, finger style, rock, jazz or blues you will find this guitar becomes an extension of your playing and delivers tone in spades”. It is an extremely comfortable guitar to play and records remarkably well with a pick or without. 

Kopp Trail Boss Guitar

The Kopp Trail Boss is one of my flagship guitars. It has been years in the making. A really fantastic instrument for not only singer/songwriters, but also soloists that need the reach the upper frets, while being able to stand out dynamically.

The 17” body is a full and comfortable (but not overwhelming) jumbo. I tried hard in the design to not sacrifice the esthetic of a full sized Jumbo, while blending the cutaway seamlessly together with the rest of the guitar.

The Trail Boss has a big and bold tone. It has an overall punchy bottom, warm and balanced trebles and enveloping mids that are all reveled the first time you strum one.

The Trail Boss is extremely warm and focused through the complete tonal spectrum. It is a superior guitar for recording, or live work due to the voicing and construction techniques used, making it as responsive as it can be. Whether you are using a flat pick or fingers, the Trail Boss delivers!

In the right hands the Trail Boss can fill up a room, while also projecting it’s signature tone and dynamics. It shines when the player comes down in volume as well, all while still retaining the Boss’s unique voice. The shear headroom this guitar produces allows it to step out front when you need it to, or to fill out your song or accompaniment. It is a really versatile instrument.

Visit Kevin's website for more information:

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