Harmony Guitars, 44 Blues Riff, Old Dogs/New Tricks - [EP26] Gear & Beer Show

Music Villa's Gear & Beer Show - Episode 26: This week the fellas focus on some vintage-looking NEW Harmony Guitars while sippin' the "Jah," a hazy IPA from Bridger Brewing. Blaise shows us a "44 Blues" riff taken from "Mississippi to Mali" by Cory Harris, and Joe schools us on using Old Dogs to learn new tricks. Hope you enjoy!


  • Beer of the Week: 3:26
  • Guitar of the Week: 4:40
  • Riff of the Week: 9:57
  • Musical Breakthroughs: 16:01
  • Outtakes: 21:01

Listen to the Podcast: https://musicvilla.podbean.com/e/ep26-harmony-guitars-44-blues-riff-old-dogsnew-tricks/

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