Gibson Slash J-45 - New for 2020!

The Gibson Slash J-45 A rock 'n' roll workhorse!


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The Gibson J-45 has been a staple for acoustic players over the years. The unflashy looks and solid tone and playability have earned it the nickname of The Workhorse. Well, what happens when you take one of one rock 'n' roll's most iconic guitars and have one of rock's most iconic players add their spin on it? That is when you get the Gibson Slash J-45 Acoustic Guitar.

As you would expect, Slash took the traditional J-45, which he has been known to play for years, and made it just a little more rock 'n' roll. The biggest difference being the neck, which is a 16" radius creating a flatter surface for bending strings and a little bit thicker C neck profile for those who like to really dig in. 

In addition to the new neck, Gibson and Slash worked with LR Baggs to produce a custom VTC pickup system that is 4dB hotter than the traditional pickup system, because rock needs to be just a bit louder! 

Special Touches on the Gibson Slash J-45

No artist custom model could be complete without a few special touches and the Slash J-45 is no exception. As opposed to other models the Slash model is obviously his, without being overly self-promoting. The now-famous Slash Skully is tastefully placed on the back of the headstock and the only place you find a "Slash" logo on the front of the guitar is his signature on the truss rod cover. This is great for players who really like what the Slash J-45 has to offer, but would rather not flash a signature model. Replacing the truss rod cover will make it look like a really cool J-45 with a special finish. 

Final Thoughts on the Gibson Slash J-45

This is one of those special signature models, not trying to be anything except a great rock 'n' roll acoustic guitar. We also really appreciate the subtle Slash badging, and the ability to make the guitar look like a really cool J-45 with the swap out of a truss rod cover. Although we are sure all the slash fans out there are happy to keep the original one! 

If you are looking for a no-nonsense, straight-up acoustic rock machine, the Gibson Slash J-45 is the guitar for you. 



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