Fender's New Player Plus Guitars & Basses


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Since its release in 2018, the Player Series set a new standard for what entry-point Fender guitars could be and Player has grown into the best-selling series in Fender history. Now, for the musician who wants more, the Player Plus Series offers a next-level playing experience with a number of upgrades.

The Player Plus series includes Stratocasters, Telecasters as well as Jazz and Precision basses. All are built for players seeking a more affordable, high-performance tool of expression.

The Player Plus series is hand-crafted in Fender's Ensenada, Mexico factory. Opened in 1987, this Fender factory has been in operation for over thirty years!

The Player Plus series expands on Fender’s widely popular Player series with across-the-board upgraded appointments; Player Plus Noiseless pickups, new finishes, and premium hardware. Let’s start off with the features that all Player Plus series guitars share.

The Player Plus series features an all-new palette of fresh finish options like Cosmic Jade, Aged Candy Apple Red and Opal Spark. Fashy gradient fades like Silver Smoke, Belair Blue and Tequila Sunrise will immediately stand out from the crowd. These brilliant finishes are an immediate differentiator from the regular Player series models.

The Player Plus modern “C” neck shape is complemented with a 12” fingerboard radius and rolled fingerboard edges for a broken-in, easy playing feel. The comfortable contours and smooth satin finishes on the Player Plus series necks immediately feel at home in your hands. 22 medium jumbo frets facilitate fluid leads and choke-free bends and a wider, more modern 1.685” (42.8 mm) nut width enhances playability.

Premium upgraded Fender Player Plus Noiseless pickups deliver signature Fender tone without hum. This premium upgrade is part of what puts the PLUS into the Player Plus Series.

In addition, expanded switching options make Player Plus guitars and basses tonally versatile and invite guitarists to take their playing into new territory.

Historically implemented by players as an aftermarket modification, a treble-bleed

circuit is standard on each Player Plus series electric guitar. The common side effect of rolling back the volume knob on a guitar is the loss of high end, creating a muddy, low-volume tone. The treble-bleed circuit on the volume pot allows high-end clarity, crispness, and definition at reduced volumes. No special switches, the treble-bleed circuitry is built into the Volume control and automatically engages as the player rolls back the volume.

Along with these across-the-board upgrades, each model in the Player Plus line has its own unique upgrades as well. From coil-split humbuckers on the Strat to active/passive switch on the P-Bass, the Player Plus series of guitar is truly bringing a gig-worthy instrument to a fantastic price point.

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