EFNOTE 5 Electronic Drum Kit - Versatility, Quality, and Beauty!

Today, "Geno Likes" … the Efnote 5 Compact Electronic Drum Kit! And like Geno says, there's tons of GREAT videos of people playing this kit… this video is just a simple overview of what makes this kit great. Listen to a full sound demo here: https://youtu.be/HxiiAO9PQFg

Description: A new direction in Electronic Drums! The new EFNOTE 5 provides the truest playing experience available today. SEE, FEEL and HEAR the next-gen in Electronic Drum Kits for yourself. Using Tru-Aco™ technology, this bop sized kit can have you rocking Madison Square Garden, in your living room. The newly developed ELISE™ sensing processor provides a low latency, wide dynamic-range, that is as consistent and solid as Steve Gadd. Well, almost. Nothing is as solid as Steve Gadd. You can change kits, edit sounds and modify your setup with EFNOTE’s low profile touchscreen. As intuitive as it is simple, let your fingers quickly walk you through this meat and potatoes module. You’ll love how easy it is to use.


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