Cad D88 - The Best $100 Kick Drum Mic

Today, Geno Likes the Cad D88 kick drum mic - which very easily could be the best kick drum mic on the planet for only $100! Watch him geek out from the comfort of his home studio. These are available at Music Villa. Give us a call regarding shipping & pricing.

The CAD D88 Kick Drum Microphone:

CAD is adding to its popular and critically acclaimed CADLive microphone line with the introduction of the muscular new D88 Kick Mic.

As with all CADLive mics, the D88 benefits from the company’s Equitek technology heritage and knowhow, and is designed to provide exceptional performance and a dynamic response in all kinds of live sound situations.

The CADLive D88 is equipped with one of the largest capsules for a percussion mic. The TrueFlex diaphragm is powered with a PowerGap Neodymium magnet to provide a particularly hot signal engineered for today’s massive kick drum sounds.

Interesting in purchasing this microphone? Give us a call at (406) 587-4761 to discuss inventory, shipping, and pricing.

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