Breedlove Companion - A New Travel-Ready Body Shape

Breedlove has new travel-ready body shape, the Breedlove Companion! The body shape is smaller making it easy to travel with, yet big enough to not compromise tone. The guitars are affordable and easy-to-play and come in a variety of finishes.

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Historically, serious guitar players on-the-move have faced a rather tough dilemma; contend with the challenges of traveling with a full-size guitar or settle for a more convenient, smaller instrument with traditionally reduced sound quality... the travel guitar.

Travel guitars. They’ve become ubiquitous. Beaters, some call them. An instrument that’s perfect for a campfire, a guitar to keep in the office or a gift for a niece with a musical bent. Some love them for the novelty, and others even use them for their intended purpose, as an instrument to take on the plane or up the side of a mountain when duty calls.

The team at Breedlove thinks travel guitars are the bee’s knees, too. They just hadn’t found one that they’d actually call a guitar. Or, at least sounded the way a guitar should… Until now.

  • Neck Joint: Bolt-on
  • Scale Length (in inches): 23.5
  • Designed in Bend, Oregon. Crafted in China


For more information about the new Breedlove Companion, give Music Villa a call at (406) 587-4761 or visit our online selection here:

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