Acoustic Guitar Blindfold Challenge! $300 vs $3,000 vs $30,000


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The Ultimate Acoustic Guitar Blindfold Challenge

Today we are going to take one step further in answering the age-old question, what is the difference between a low-cost guitar and a super expensive guitar?

In this blindfold challenge, Paul (owner of Music Villa) will attempt to pick out the least expensive and most expensive guitars just by the sound. 

Tips For Buying an Acoustic Guitar

As you will see (and hear) in this video there is a definite difference in sound between the $300 and $3000 guitar, but less of a difference between the $3000 and $30,000 guitar. 

A guitar in the $2500 to $3000 range is a lifetime guitar. You can get the highest level of built and material quality in that price range. Going up from there, normally means there are more labor hours in the guitar due to intricate details or inlays. 

When buying an acoustic guitar, one of the best tips we can give you, is to have someone else play the guitar while you listen. Being in front of the guitar with your eyes closed will allow you to fully hear the tone of the guitar. Whether it is a $300 or $3000 guitar, this will allow you to find the one that you think sounds the best. 

While the $3000 price range will get you the highest quality in craftsmanship, don't be discouraged if you don't have that much to spend on an acoustic guitar. The current acoustic guitars in the under $500 range from Eastman, Yamaha, and other brands are excellent instruments and can serve you well on your acoustic guitar journey. 

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