A Look at the Yamaha FGX5 Red Label Acoustic Guitar


In 1966 Yamaha launched the FG "red label" acoustic guitar. This was Yamaha's first steel-string acoustic guitar and for many people, the 1960's Yamaha FG guitar is the quintessential acoustic guitar. The Yamaha FG became the go-to guitar for many artists of the 1960's and was even on-stage at Woodstock in 1969.

With such a loyal following, Yamaha has created a new line of FG guitars, that are modeled aesthetically after the vintage FG guitars but add a modern twist. The FG5X is the original body style finished with a semi-gloss finish, open geared tuners and of course the famous Red Label in the soundhole. 


But Yamaha didn't stop there, they wanted to take everything they have learned over the last 50+ years and make the new Red Label the best yet. This includes the addition of the Atmosfeel pickup system. 

Atmosfeel is Yamaha's new 3-way pickup system that is remarkably easy to use and produces an incredibly natural tone. Atmosfeel leverages an under-saddle piezo, an internal mic and a top wood transducer to capture the most realistic sound possible. These new Red Label guitars are the first to get this pickup system and they are great partners. 


To get the vintage feel, Yamaha leveraged their "A.R.E." process to simulate the effect of time on the top wood of the guitar. This process helps a brand new Red Label FG sound like it has been played and broken in for decades. 

The Yamaha FGX5 is a killer modern guitar with the soul of a vintage guitar

Additional features of the Yamaha FG5X include:

  • 1960s aesthetics and modern craft, refined over 50+ years of Yamaha guitar development
  • Atmosfeel™ pickup and preamp system provides uniquely natural plugged-in sound
  • The original Yamaha FG body delivers a full, punchy low end, well suited to strumming and flatpicking
  • New scalloped FG bracing pattern provides a warm, powerful tone with deep lows and rich harmonics
  • Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (A.R.E.) treatment imparts the sound and sustain of aged wood
  • All-solid construction with a Sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides
  • Ebony fingerboard, bridge, and bridge pins
  • Bone nut and saddle
  • Made in Japan


The new Yamaha FGX5 Red Label is a new standard in acoustic guitars. With a throwback to a guitar many deem as the best folk guitar on the planet, the FGX5 takes what was great about the original Red Label guitars and adds modern technology to create an amazing instrument, ready for the stage, studio or your living room. 

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