A Look at the Taylor American Dream Acoustic Guitar Lineup

Taylor American Dream Guitars, A Legacy... Reborn


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In the late 60' early 70s, Sam Radding and his brother opened a guitar shop San Diego, named American Dream Musical Store. It did not take long for Sam to realize that he and his brother did not make great business partners, and at the same time came to the conclusion he was more interested in building guitars than selling other people's guitars.  Six months later, with some financial help from a few friends, the American Dream Musical Instrument Manufacturing came to be. 

American Dream Musical Instrument Manufacturing was a sort of co-op of guitar building. With a number of guitar builders that could bring their own tools and essentially rent a bench in exchange for a percentage split of guitar sales. Among these builders was a talented young builder named Bob Taylor. 

Fast forward a few years and Radding sold the American Dream Musical Instrument Company to Bob Taylor, Kurt Listug, and Steve Schimmer for $2400. Shortly after, the American Dream Musical Instrument Company became what we know today as Taylor Guitars. 

With a reflection on the principles of innovation and resourcefulness that have always helped Taylor get through challenging times, the new American Dream Acoustic Guitar has now found it's way to the Taylor catalog. 

American Made without the Frills

The Taylor American Dream acoustic guitar series has 3 different guitars that are the lowest-priced solid-wood, US-made guitars in the Taylor line. V-Class bracing and signature Taylor playability delivering premium performance, with streamlined appointments to fit the function of these guitars. 

All American Dream Series guitars are built with a Grand Pacific body shape. The Grand Pacific is a round-shouldered dreadnought and is Taylors newest body shape.

The Taylor American Dream line includes three guitars; the AD17, AD27, and AD17 Blacktop. All three of these guitars are also available with the Taylor Expression System built-in (changing the model to the Ad17e, AD27e and AD17e Blacktop respectively)

All three of these guitars feature solid wood construction, Taylor's V-Class bracing, a thin matte finish, ship in a Taylor AeroCase, and are all crafter in Taylors California factory.  

The Difference in Taylor American Dream Models

With an American Made, solid wood foundation, Taylor offers three variations of the American Dream:

Taylor AD17

The American Dream AD17 features back and sides of solid ovangkol, an African tonewood that shares rosewood’s warmth and brilliance with an additional presence in the midrange. Topped with solid spruce, the AD17 serves up a blend of sparkle and clean low-end power, enhanced by V-Class bracing for greater volume, longer sustain, and a more in-tune sound. That seasoned, vintage-hued tone is reflected in this model’s strikingly classic look, with a natural top and a deep Urban Sienna color treatment for the ovangkol back and sides. 

Taylor AD17 Blacktop

The AD17e Blacktop has the same specs as the AD17, but comes with a matte black finish on the top of the guitar. 

Taylor AD27

This model features back and sides of solid Sapele topped with solid mahogany, a hardwood combination that produces a meaty midrange and even balance across the tonal spectrum. Outfitted with V-Class bracing for additional volume and sustain, the Grand Pacific body shape also brings a seasoned tonal response that evokes the sounds of early acoustic recordings. Appointments for the AD27e include chamfered body edges, black top purfling, 4mm dot fretboard inlays, a faux tortoiseshell pickguard, and an Urban Sienna stain, all wrapped in a 2.0-mil matte finish.

Is the Taylor American Dream For You?

If you are looking for a straight-ahead workhorse guitar that is made in American and plays like a Taylor than the American Dream is for you. Many players prefer the more refined looks of guitars such as the J-45 and the American Dream series is for those players! While Taylor saved money in a more refined appointment, don't be mistakes, these guitars are every bit a Taylor and have the feel, playability, and tone that you would expect from a USA Taylor guitar.

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