A Look at the Taylor 414CE-R Acoustic Guitar


The Taylor 414CE-R is an awesome limited edition guitar that we are always happy to see come through the doors of Music Villa. The standard back and side wood for a 400 series guitar from Taylor is Ovangkol, and every so often, Taylor does a run of 400 series guitars with Rosewood back and sides. 

The Rosewood back and sides are paired with a Sitka Spruce top, Rosewood fretboard and is now built with the new V-Class bracing. V-Class is Taylor's new take on acoustic guitar bracing. This produces a guitar that is strikingly loud acoustically and can easily fill a room with tone while maintaining an even sound across treble, mids and bass. 


Before we go on much further, it is worth taking a moment breaking down the model number to really help you understand what you are getting with the 414CE-R. Taylor uses a number system to reference guitars. The hundred level number is the series, so in this case, it is a "400" series. The hundred levels indicated what woods are being used to build the guitar as well as aesthetic features the guitars will have. The next digit indicates two things, the first is if the guitar is a 6 string or 12 string, and the feature it indicates is the type of top wood being used. The final number indicates the body shape. 

Putting all of that together the 414 is:
400-Ovangkol Back and Sides (traditionally used, this one is a limited Rosewood)
1-Spruce top
4-Grand Auditorium Shape

Just for fun, let's break down the 524CE we have in stock:
500-Mahogany back and sides
2-Mahogany top
4-Grand Auditorium

After we know what model and body style a guitar is we can look at the add on letters at the end. If a model has a "C" it has a cutaway and an "E" indicated the guitar has electronics built-in. 

The Grand Auditorium body shape is also a Taylor favorite that is just the right size to play comfortably all night long, while still providing a big full sound. 


If you like the more full sound of Rosewood, the Taylor 414CE-R is a huge value in the world of Taylor guitars. That is due to the fact that normally you have to step up to at least the 700 series of guitar top get Rosewood for back and side wood. That step up to the 700 series also means more aesthetic features that correlate with a higher price tag. But if you are more concerned with tone than looks, the limited edition 414CE-R can give you the woods you want at a lower price. 

In addition to great woods, the 414CE-R, as we discussed above, the "E" adds Taylor's famous Expression 2 pickup system which is known for accurately producing the tone of your guitar through a P.A. or acoustic amp. It's low profile and simple 3 knob system, make it easy to get the tone you desire. 

The cutaway makes it easy to access higher level frets for those of you that like to throw a solo into your acoustic set or those chord inversions way up the neck. 


The Taylor 414CE-R  is a big value in the world of Taylor guitars. This limited edition with Sitka Spruce top paired with Rosewood back and sides brings the tonal characteristics of the Taylor 700 line at a more affordable price. Taylor also added V-class bracing along with "Renaissance" neck inlays for the final touch on this already spectacular guitar. If you are in the market for a new acoustic, you have to give the 414CE-R some serious consideration. 

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