A Look At the Taylor 327e Grand Pacific Acoustic Guitar

The slope-shouldered dreadnought has been a staple of guitar collections ever since the release of the Gibson J-45 in the 1940s. Until recent, Taylor shied away from a production slop shouldered dreadnought, until the 2019 NAMM show, when they released the Grand Pacific line of guitars. 

"Drawing inspiration from traditional acoustic music, master guitar designer Andy Powers leveraged the tone-shaping control of our award-winning V-Class bracing to design the Grand Pacific acoustic guitar. Broad, overlapping notes blend into a unified harmony to create a warm and inviting sound. You’ll be inspired in a whole new way."-Taylor.com

The 327e is an amazing addition to the Grand Pacific line of guitars that are offering a unique tonewood option while giving the player the big tone of a slope (or round as Taylor calls it) shouldered acoustic. 

To start, the Taylor 327e has back and sides made of Tazmanian blackwood and is paired with a Mahogany top. This wood combination creates a warm tone with significant projection that can keep up with just about any J45 out there. 

"Tasmanian blackwood is an acacia wood species that is sometimes compared to Hawaiian koa, another acacia species. Its tonal range is similar to both koa and mahogany, featuring a strong midrange focus that is dry, clear and warm, with a splash of top-end shimmer and richness comparable to Indian rosewood. The overall volume and projection are strong. Blackwood also is sourced from forests that are responsibly managed, making it a sustainable wood for guitar making." -Taylor.com


It only takes one look at the Taylor 327e to recognize the beauty of this acoustic guitar. The Tazmanian Blackwood back has an amazing grain pattern while the Mahogany top stands out with its Shaded Edge Burst finish.

Its unique fretboard inlays are reiterated with the headstock inlay and topped off with black tuning keys.

If the looks weren't enough, the Taylor 327e not only looks great, it has the performance to match. While we already know the guitar sounds great acoustically, the 327e is equipped with Taylors Expression 2 pickup system, for accurate and easy to control sound reproduction in a live environment. 

"The Taylor Expression System 2 (ES2) is a revolutionary pickup design that delivers the latest in Taylor’s ongoing innovation in acoustic guitar amplification. The heart of the Expression System 2 is Taylor’s patented behind-the-saddle pickup, which features three uniquely positioned and individually calibrated pickup sensors. The location of the sensors enables a more dynamic range of acoustic sound to be captured than ever before. Together with Taylor’s custom-designed “professional audio”-grade preamp, this system produces exceptional amplified tone and responsiveness. On stage through a PA, plugged into your favorite acoustic amplifier, or direct into recording software, the Expression System 2 faithfully conveys the voice of your Taylor guitar." -Taylor.com


If you are craving the tones and projection of a slope-shouldered acoustic, with the playability that Taylor is known for, then the Grand Pacific line of guitars is for you. This 327e offers a ton of high-end appointments, in a price point that is friendly to gigging musicians and couch players alike. The neck inlays, headstock inlay, and black tuning keys add an element of class that is normally reserved for more expensive guitars. 

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