A Look at the Kramer 84 Guitar - A Rock and Roll Icon

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The Guitars That Defined a Decade

For anyone who was listening to rock music in the 80s, one look at the Kramer "84" should bring back a barrage of memories. Long hair, spandex, and high-voltage licks that could be heard in arenas around the globe. 

With '80s rock came a new style of guitar that made brands such as Kramer household names, not to mention the brand lift Kramer received when a Mr. Eddie Van Halen decided to play one... which actually helped make Kramer the best selling guitar brand in 1985 and 1986. 

That being said, the end of 1983 and 1984 brought two changes to Kramer guitars, one of which only lasted a few years. The two big changes included the "banana" style headstock and the inclusion of authentic Floyd Rose tremolos on their guitars. Interestingly, at this time Kramer was the only manufacturer offering true Floyd Rose Systems on their production guitars, giving them a competitive advantage to other production line guitars. 

The banana headstock only lasted a few years and in 1986 it was changed to the pointy headstock.

The Kramer "84" Brings Back the Guitar Magic


With such a long history, it is no wonder Kramer is bringing back that '80s rock magic with the Kramer "84". The 84 is a tribute to the guitar that arguably helped make Kramer an iconic worldwide guitar brand. 

The 84 is a straight-ahead rock machine sporting a single Seymour Duncan JB humbucker in the bridge position, paired with a Floyd Rose R2 1000 series locking nut, and 1000 series Floyd Rose Tremolo. 

A single volume knob keeps the controls super simple and classic yet stunning finishes over an alder body make this guitar a head turner. 

Finish it off with a maple neck and fretboard and topped with the banana headstock, the Kramer 84 is an '80s rock lovers dream!

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