A Look at the Hudson Electronics Sidecar Overdrive Pedal


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The Hudson Sidecar - A New Take on the Classic 808

One of the most buzz-worthy pedals of the year has been the Hudson Sidecar. Hudson is a pedal builder based in the UK, and they are gaining popularity in the US. The Sidecar is finding a home on pedalboards from hobbyist to pro guitarists ad for good reason.  

Their take on the classic 808 circuit with the added versatility of a powerful two-band EQ drawing inspiration from a vintage Studer recording console it really striking a chord with guitar players. The Sidecar can cover classic overdrive and distortion as well as, at extreme settings, fuzz and boost.

The front end of the Sidecar is a modified version of the classic 808 overdrive, but tuned for a bigger low-end, wider gain range and greater headroom. The clipping section includes a pair of germanium diodes chosen for their softer response characteristics, while still retaining playing dynamics and feel. The powerful two-band Baxandall equalizer section follows the drive section and provides up to 15dB of cut and boost of the high and low bands.

Is The Hudson Sidecar Overdrive Pedal for You?

If you like the sound of a classic 808, but wish it had a bit more flexibility and tone shaping, then the Hudson Sidecar is the pedal for you. From very light overdrive, to adding a good amount of dirt, the additional tonal controls of the Sidecar make it perfect for any type of guitar or pickup configuration. 

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