A Look at Heritage Guitars

Heritage Guitars, Forging a Legacy Where it all Started


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225 Parson Street, Kalamazoo Michigan, this is the address it all started. Fo guitar historians and vintage guitar buffs this address could arguably be the most iconic address in guitar history. 

The building that sits on the property at 255 Parson St was originally built in 1917 and was built to be the home of Gibson Guitars. Gibson produced guitars at this location until the 1980s, when they moved to Nashville, TN. 

During Gibson's move to Nashville, a handful of the Gibson employees decided they wanted to stay and continue making iconic guitars in the tradition of handcrafting beautiful, high-quality electric guitars at 255 Parson St., Kalamazoo. During the spring of 1985, these employees purchased space at the iconic factory along with its original guitar-making equipment. And with that, Heritage Guitars was born.

Heritage Guitars made their big debut at the 1985 NAMM show, and have not looked back since! 

Building Heritage Guitars with Time-Honored Traditions

The Heritage Guitars founders shared a wealth of guitar-building experience and kept the art of creating American made, iconic guitars alive. For guitar players that feel the golden age of guitars has passed, Heritage Guitars are crafted with many of the same tools and machines that the Gibson equivalents were built on in the 50s, 60s and 70s. 

Heritage Guitars offers three different collections of guitars. Their Standard Collection is a favorite among players, while their Artisan Aged Collection appeals to those seeking a vintage look and feel for their guitar while the Custom Shop guitars are made to musicians' exact specifications.

Heritage Guitars at Music Villa

With the rich history of Heritage Guitars and the amazing quality of instruments that Heritage is producing, we knew they would be a great fit here at Music Villa. We recently received our first few Heritage Guitars, including an H-150 with the Aged Artisan Appointments and H-535. Both these guitars are exceptional pieces of musical art, only solidifying why we decided to bring Heritage in. 

If a Heritage Guitar is on your list of must-haves, feel free to give us a call and talk with one of our guitar professionals to find your perfect instrument. 



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