17 Uses for the Powerwerks PW505

Today "Geno Likes" the Powerwerks PW505 and invites his friend Paul Decker to help come up with 17 Uses for the Portable PA System. Yes, it's THAT versatile... and at a great price!!

More about the Powerwerks PW505:
Along with its new comely design, this lightweight full range personal PA system features two 5" speakers with a high frequency driver, multiple inputs (with phantom power), and balanced XLR outputs.

  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Input & Output Selections
  • Balanced XLR Input
  • Available with or without BlueTooth
  • New attractive design 

Need more information?? Give Geno a call at 406-587-4761 to discuss shipping, availability, compatibility, and special pricing.

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