10 Days of Black Friday 2022 Event!

1 day of Black Friday is boring… so we're doing 10 Days!!!! Starting Wednesday (11/16) and going through Black Friday (11/26) Music Villa is offering storewide discounts on aging inventory, used gear, and overlooked items that need to go before Christmas! AND, look for special color-coded discounts each day (all leading up to a big Black Friday blowout) ...

  • Wednesday, November 16: GREEN WEDNESDAY
  • Thursday, November 17: RED THURSDAY
  • Friday, November 18: ORANGE FRIDAY
  • Saturday, November 19: SILVER SATURDAY
  • Sunday, November 20: GOLD SUNDAY
  • Monday, November 21: BLUE MONDAY
  • Tuesday, November 22: YELLOW TUESDAY
  • Wednesday, November 23: WHITE WEDNESDAY
  • Thursday, November 24: BROWN THURSDAY (closed for Turkey Day!)
  • Friday, November 25: BLACK FRIDAY (Biggest discounts!)

Sticker Sale:

In addition to the color-coded days above, we're also having a sticker sale. Look for little circle-shaped stickers on the instrument price tags for additional savings. Here's your sticker key:
  • Orange = 15% off
  • Green = 20% off
  • Yellow = 25% off
  • Red = 30% off
Swing by for early Black Friday discounts, or wait for your colored day! We have a TON of inventory right now and need to trim up before the end of the year! Happy shopping and thanks for supporting your local (independently owned) music store!

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